Are you looking to purchase a Venus fly trap for sale? Venus fly traps are the most famous of all carnivorous plants. Almost like something from science fiction, a single quick snap of its jaws is all the Venus fly trap needs in order to devour an insect such as a fly, wasp, dragonfly, or cricket. Large Venus fly trap specimens have even been known to eat small frogs.

Native to the coastal plains of North Carolina, the Venus fly trap is a cold-hardy perennial best grown outdoors. In summer, it enjoys warm and very sunny weather. In the fall, plants stop growing and go dormant. During winter dormancy, Venus fly traps can withstand 20°F temperatures. Look for new growth and flowering in the spring.

Although all Venus fly traps are the same species, there exist many varieties (cultivars) of the Venus fly trap for sale in today’s market. Over decades, Venus fly trap breeders have bred for certain characteristics in their plants. For example, some Venus fly traps have short spines and others are predominantly red. In addition, spectacular giant forms of the Venus fly trap also exist. Here at, we offer the Giant, Red, Saw-toothed, and Classic cultivars of the Venus fly trap for sale.

Detailed instructions as well as our special planting kit accompany each Venus fly trap we sell for a complete growing experience. For more information, be sure to read our Registered Cultivar list, care sheet part 1, and care sheet part 2. If you have made it this far, you’re very interested in purchasing your very own Venus fly trap for sale. Take a deep breath and explore our collection. Enjoy!