How many Venus Flytrap cultivars (varieties) exist in the world?

How many Venus Flytrap cultivars (varieties) exist in the world?

There are many Venus Flytrap cultivars that have been developed through selective breeding and hybridization over the years. It is difficult to give an exact number, as new cultivars are constantly being created and named.

However, according to the International Carnivorous Plant Society, there are currently more than 500 registered cultivars of Venus Flytrap. These cultivars vary in their appearance, with some featuring unique colors or shapes of the traps.

Some of the most popular Venus Flytrap cultivars include ‘B52’, which is known for its large traps, ‘Dente’, which has teeth-like extensions on its trap edges, and ‘G14’, which has green leaves with striking red veins.

While cultivars of Venus Flytrap can be visually interesting and unique, it is important to note that they still require the same basic care requirements as the wild type Venus Flytrap to thrive, including bright, indirect light, well-draining soil, and high humidity.

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